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Couplers Directional Coupler 3dB Hybrid Coupler & NxN Matrix
Wevercomm's directional coupler separates signals based on the direction of signal propagation.
Directional couplers are passive devices used in the field of radio technology by using two transmission lines set close enough together so that energy passing through is coupled to the other.
These couplers are used to unequally split the signal flowing in the mainline and pass the signal that flows in the opposite direction.
Hybrid couplers can be used to split signals from tower top amplifiers to BTS receivers (remember mismatches on the input side have no effect on the output ports).
For in-Building distribution systems, hybrids are useful in carrying multiple carrier inputs because the high degree of isolation between the two output ports and the two input ports without unwanted interaction between carriers .
- Directional and Bi-directional Coupler
- Various value dB Coupler
- SMA, N-type, DIN(7/16) Connector
- 698~2700MHz Frequency Range
- Indoor and Outdoor use (IP65)
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